A Post Diagnosis Letter (From a child’s perspective)

I know that you see me

I know that you love me

But I’m scared of this room

This process

All these questions.

These lists and benchmarks

They mean nothing to me.

What do they mean to you?

Will we leave here

With an ‘other’ me?

Will you see me as less?

Will you want me to be ‘changed’?

Will you sign for them to mould and shape me

Into someone I’m not?

Or, will you take my hand and take me home

Knowing more, but not seeing less?

Please don’t stop seeing me

Don’t change your perception

And belief in who I can be.

For with the right environment

Unconditional love and support

I can be all the things you saw before.

I am all the things you saw before.

Except now we have a name for my neurology

A title for my identity

And a culture to which I belong.

Please don’t respond with sadness

At knowing who I am.

Please don’t leave here with all those words in your head.

Please see the medical terms for what they are

And leave them at the door.

Let us spend our time

Understanding my essence

Understanding my needs

Understanding what supports me to thrive.

For all that you saw before

Is still right here beside you

Loving you and believing you

Every word and description you use.

Please celebrate me

Celebrate Neurodiversity

And teach me how to know my worth.

Teach me how to be proud of all that I am.

For in your unconditional and embracing arms

I can be free, to be all of the things I’m meant to be.


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By Jessica Matthews

Neurodivergent Mother, Independent Researcher, and Writer. Background in Psychology and Counselling with postgraduate training in Clinical Psychology (BSc Hons Psychology and Trained Integrative Counsellor). Passionate about Neurodivergent Identity, Non-neuronormative Narratives and Polyvagal Informed Parenting.

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