Below is the link to a PDF of my article written for PDA Day 2020. Over 2 pages, the article provides an introduction to some of the important considerations when supporting someone with a PDA profile of Autism.

The article provides brief examples of published insights into PDA and a summary of my own. I have found it helpful to build a Polyvagal informed insight into PDA and I share a snapshot of this in the article too.

I hope the article reaches whoever needs to read it.

To go to it, click the link below:

PDA DAY 15.05.2020

By Jessica Matthews

Neurodivergent Mother, Independent Researcher, and Writer. Background in Psychology and Counselling with postgraduate training in Clinical Psychology (BSc Hons Psychology and Trained Integrative Counsellor). Passionate about Neurodivergent Identity, Non-neuronormative Narratives and Polyvagal Informed Parenting.

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