Holding Page

All articles originally published here, are being reviewed and updated. Emails will be sent out to all subscribers, once this process is complete. I continue to spend time away from social media to concentrate on family life, but still very much plan to return when it is possible for me to do so.

In the meantime, a documented copy of my original and most frequently requested article, Highly Sensitive Neuroception May Be At The Heart of PDA, can be found on Dr Wenn Lawson’s website here:  

Further links to others who have included my work in theirs can be found, including translations into other languages, by simply searching for: Matthews, J. (2019) Highly Sensitive Neuroception May Be At The Heart of PDA.

Sending love and warmest wishes to all who have continued to check in here. I appreciate you all.



By Jessica Matthews

I am currently taking some time away. When I return updated copies of my articles will be re-added to the site.

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